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Generic RCM

Generic RCM is an add-on to Fast-track or Classical RCM to deal with plants that contain large populations of similar equipment. The aim is to determine the preventive maintenance and other tasks required by these populations with a minimum analysis effort.

There are two main sets of variations to consider:

Operating context.

Variations in operating context may include differing consequences of failure, environmental factors (e.g. clean or dirty operating conditions), the duty/load conditions under which the equipment operates, and the required performance standards.

Equipment specification.

Specification variations may exist in aspects such as equipment controls (manual, automatic), power source (hydraulic, pneumatic actuation), sealed or lubricated bearings, etc.


Equipment matrix

Identify the combinations of operating context and equipment specification that exist in the plant.



Choose representative equipment from the equipment 'family' for analysis.


Template analysis

Complete a Fast-track or Classical RCM analysis for the equipment selected.


Variant analysis

Rework the template analysis for each combination of operating context and equipment specification in the equipment matrix.

The benefits from Generic RCM are directly related to the amount of commonality of equipment in the plant.