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Performance Measures

GGR have wide experience in establishing performance measures - and understand the problems and possible pitfalls.

If you are not sure how well the plant is performing, you should give serious consideration to installing performance measures before you launch into any improvement programme.

The most commonly used measures are based on:

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
Particularly suitable for 'free-standing' items of plant. OEE is typically adopted in TPM implementations to provide an analysis of TPM's six major losses of production.
Asset Effectiveness
Provides the most robust measures of performance including asset utilisation, operating efficiency and runtime efficiency.
Line Efficiency
Commonly used to measure line efficiencies in filling and packaging environments.

Performance measures, although essential, do come with a 'health warning'.

They need to be designed and installed with care to avoid distorting company objectives and incurring undesirable side-effects. GGR have much experience of helping clients to design and install performance measures - you should give us a call.