GGR Associates specialise in assisting companies in improving the performance and reliability of plant, machinery and equipment by utilising approaches based on derivatives of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM). Our head office is based in Canterbury, Kent and we work across the UK and Ireland with a range of leading manufacturing and process companies.

Reliability Centred Maintenance and Plant Performance Improvement in the UK and Ireland

Using RCM or, more usually, our own developments that include Fast-track RCM, Review RCM and Generic RCM, we help you diagnose and tackle plant performance and equipment reliability issues.

Using RCM or, more usually, our own developments that include Fast-track RCM, Review RCM and Generic RCM, we help you diagnose and tackle potential plant performance and equipment reliability issues.

Our Reliability Centred Maintenance approach is used by leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries including food, drink, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, power generation, paper & packaging, electrical components, mineral processing & chemicals and petrochemicals. GGR have also worked with safety-critical applications in diverse areas such as lighthouses and medical equipment. Find out more about our projects here.

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Outlines of the principal approaches to plant performance improvement including Lean Manufacturing, RCM, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Quick Changeovers (SMED).

The importance of planning for success, including having clear objectives, knowing the obstacles, being realistic about resources and matching the approach accordingly.

Some examples of performance improvement projects in a wide range of industries.

Indication of the support that GGR can provide at any or all stages of a project - initial planning, analysis, training and implementation.

Plant & Equipment Performance

Poor equipment maintenance can be responsible for equipment failures, disrupted production schedules, delays in deliveries, as well as poor product quality. GGR approach based on Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) ensures that your organisation continues to operate as effectively as possible. Having set systems, processes and structures in place are integral to the company’s maintenance programmes.

At GGR, we will show you how to take your plant maintenance schedules to the next level. We assess how to move beyond fixing faults and focus on effective ways of gaining a better understanding of the equipment. Our approach involves the introduction of more advanced predictive and condition monitoring techniques in plant performance improvements. In short, we show how to put the systems, processes and structure in place to make the most of your maintenance spend.

Maintenance training and implementations from GGR will increase reliability, improve productivity, profitability and reduce downtime in your plant. GGR’s staff have over 25 years’ experience and all members of our team are Chartered Engineers. Our RCM-based programmes have assisted many clients in various industries across the UK and Ireland. GGR are proud of the service and the knowledge that we offer. Our RMC preferred plant performance improvement process successfully identifies significant failure modes and operating issues with root causes. We only offer the most modern and up to date solutions to plant and equipment performance improvements in your industry.

Why not speak to our expert team to see how our Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) solutions can help your business? Get in touch here or call us on +44 (0)1227 477 186.